1) What are SLB Development Ltd's core businesses?

SLB Development Ltd. is a diversified property developer with extensive experience and track record across the residential, mixed-use as well as industrial and commercial sectors, and property development projects ranging from small to large scale. The diversified nature of its quality portfolio allows effective management of exposure to the fluctuations in demand and/or changes in regulations for each type of property development.

Led by an experienced management team, SLB has built strong networks of business relationships with other property developers and contractors, and has expanded its presence beyond Singapore to the PRC.

2) When is the end of SLB Development Ltd's fiscal year?

SLB's financial year ends on 31 May. Our quarter-ends are as follows: Q1 (three-month period ending 31 August); Q2 (three-month period ending 30 November); Q3 (three-month period ending 28 February); Q4 (three-month period ending 31 May).

3) Which countries do SLB Development Ltd's have operations in?

SLB currently operates in Singapore, but it is exploring development opportunities overseas, especially in markets where its management has experience in, such as Australia and the United Kingdom.

4) How am I able to find financial information and reports of the Company past and present?

Shareholders and investors may either find our financial statements on the SGX website or at the "Financial Information" page under the Investor Relations section on SLB's website.

5) Can you disclose the members of the Board of Directors?

Profiles of our Board of Directors can be found on the "Board of Directors" page on SLB's website.

SLB Development Ltd Share Information
1) Which year was SLB Development Ltd listed and on which stock exchange?

SLB has been listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange since April 20, 2018.

2) What is the par value of each share and the present amount of outstanding shares?

For latest stock information, please refer to the "Stock Information" tab under the Investor Relations section of SLB's website.

3) Can you list all the present substantial shareholders of SLB Development Ltd?

For the latest disclosure on SLB's substantial shareholders, please refer to the "Statistics of Shareholdings" section in SLB's latest annual report, which can be downloaded from the home page of the Investor Relations section of SLB's website.

Investor Relations Information
1) When will the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) be?

SLB's AGM will be held by 30 September of every financial year, which is less than four months from the end of its financial year (31 May).

2) Where can I obtain a copy of the annual report?

A soft-copy of the annual report can be downloaded from the Investor Relations section of SLB's website.

Alternatively, please email Ir@slbdevelopment.com.sg and/or Allcdrsgslb@citigatedewerogerson.com to request for a hard copy of the annual report.

3) Who is the company's point of contact for investor relations?

Please email Ir@slbdevelopment.com.sg to reach SLB's investor relations team and/or Allcdrsgslb@citigatedewerogerson.com to reach SLB's external investor relations consultancy, Citigate Dewe Rogerson Singapore Pte Ltd.

For more details, please visit the IR Contact page on SLB's website.

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